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Author: Time:2018-03-17

Cuiying Honors College (CHC) was founded in August 2010 within Lanzhou University as part of China’s Top-Notch Undergraduate Training Program. The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance have invested in this pilot plan in order to develop future leaders with exceptional talent in the core disciplines. Every year, this National program admits only the best 1,000 students among the 6 million new undergraduates across China. Lanzhou University is one of only 19 universities implementing this National program.

CHC invites the top students of Lanzhou University undergraduate students who are entering their sophomore year. Each academic year, elite classes approximately 20 students are formed within each of the four core sciences of maths, physics, chemistry and biology and one class within the humanities. These students receive the best education and resources.

CHC is the only college within Lanzhou University which offers year-round studies, including study-abroad opportunities.



Unique training methods

Utilizing the advantage of Lanzhou University’s excellence in core scientific disciplines, CHC draws the best students and focuses on establishing advanced methods of training these exceptionally talented students, allowing them to commit themselves to scientific research. The long-term goal of CHC is to develop future leaders in the core disciplines among these students. The College utilizes international modes in its teaching methods, small class sizes, and individual attention to research group members. The College also established the Cuiying Honors Scholarship, specifically to sponsor students to study overseas through joint training programs, research programs, short-term English and culture learning as well as summer schools. One of our goals at CHC is to prepare students to pursue postgraduate study or research at the world’s best universities and research institutes after they obtain their bachelor’s degree from Lanzhou University.


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