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Greetings from Ottawa!

Author: Time:2018-03-23

Author: Lei Guo, Studying her third year in Canada!

Featured Image: An Easter Feast with more than 50 people!!!!! Not a good picture of me, but the dinner was great!!!
Life in Canada is busy but relaxing. Study abroad is always stressful. We have way more mid-terms that those in China and all the assignments really take effort to complete. But the good thing is, all the professors are so wonderful that they will lead you into a fantastic world of science and make you feel interested in it and you will find lots of fun during your study!

At a friend’s birthday party!
Besides, there is lots of fun out of school! Canadian people are very nice and friendly. They welcome you to be in their communities and they are willing to share their lives with you. Also, you can always have fun in nature: skating, skiing, sledding… Winter in Ottawa is long but not boring!

Skiing at Camp Fortune, VC!


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