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Summer of 2014 in Berkeley

Author: Time:2018-03-23

Pursuant to a written agreement between The Regents of the University of California and Cuiying Honors College, Lanzhou University, 17 CHC students along with 6 other Lanzhou University students enrolled in classes this summer at the University of California, Berkeley. The students had completed their sophomore year and took  a variety of courses for credit through the UC Berkeley Summer Sessions six-week program.

CHC required each of the students to attain a score of at least 80 on the TOEFL exam in order to apply for the summer school, and to complete the online registration, visa application and visa interview process. Additionally, several of their current and former teachers explained some of the laws and differences in social behavior in the U.S., as an introduction to the cultural education the students would receive.

During their summer, the students shared their impressions of the emphasis placed on critical thinking, the accessibility of their professors, and the combined atmosphere of stability and innovation.  Based upon this exposure, many students stated that they want to incorporate deeper inquiry with their analytical skills and perhaps travel abroad for further studies. Their stories inspired many underclassmen, who hope to follow their upper classmates in the way of making their own paths in study and life.

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