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Travel in Sweden

Author: Time:2018-09-07




    I can't wait to look out the window. It seems that the plane was taking us through wilderness shrouded by fog. The airport is surrounded by trees and forests, which looks like a wall of jadeite. I knew, from today to August 11, there were 20 days I would spend in Uppsala, living here and studying here.

  It is my first time to study aboard. To be honest, I was excited and also nervous at the beginning. The most thing I worried about was that I cannot catch the point in the course, especially the researches teachers talking about. Sometimes, I was afraid to show my opinion, because I can’t follow the teachers when they spoke too much or too fast, I was sure that my opinion must be wrong for the reason that I didn’t understand the teachers at all. Fortunately, all of the teachers are kind(especially the TAs), they were always patient whatever how stupid the questions we asked, which made me relax and encouraged me to communicate with them, and I’m really thankful about that.

  The most challenge thing during the experience is primer design. I like this part. I had never though I can design a primer(a couple of primers) by myself. I was a little confused about that and I didnt know what to do. So were my group members. We discussed together, argued with other group, asked TAs for help. Finally, we figured out how to design our primer. Although the result was not so good(the primers we designed didnt work), we enjoyed the process of cooperation.

  Although I only spent 20 days in Uppsala, I enjoyed the nature there, the people there and my course in Uppsala. I’d like to make friends with my teachers, people in Uppsala and from China. All of them are friendly.

Orienteering is my favorite activity in Uppsala. There were six people in our group(four girls&two boys), we had to find out about twenty spots in forest or in some buildings around BMC(Biology Medicine Center).                                    





always terrible. Sometimes I loved the food deadly, especially the salmon fish with mango jam there, which without any fishbone. Besides the salmon fish, the most foods I had eaten is potato. I never know there are so many ways to cook potato, such as mash potato, teamed potato, hash brown and so on.




country should be more independent. In a word, We thank her very much, not only for the food she prepared, but also for her kindness.


     There are another story about the friendly people in Sweden . One day, I took the elevator from E floor to five floor, a young man also came into. He  gave me a smile, and also greeted me. We stood in the elevator, and I wanted to broke the silence, but I was so nervous that I didn’t know what to talk. He stood in front of me, and then turn to me and said: “Do you have a good week?” “Sorry?” I was surprised and I didn’t catch him for his fast speaking. He slowed down his speed, and patiently spoke every word clearly to me. “Yes! Thanks!” I answered him, while I was thinking saying something to him, he   arrived at the floor he wanted, before he getting out the elevator, he said politely:“Have a good weekend!” While I just smile to him without saying nothing like a idiot. I think I should try to talk with him, no matter whether I would take some grammar mistakes. The most significant thing is trying. We should be braver.

     All in all, during the past twenty days, I learned that the world is bigger than which we imaged. We should try to touch the world, feeling the world, which means it is better for us to try something new with curiosity.

    At the end of the article, I want to say a word to the people I had met in Sweden:”See you in the future, so do Sweden!”



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