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Author: Time:2019-01-21

On the afternoon of January 6th, I arrived in Melbourne, which I was looking forward to. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the summer in the southern hemisphere is full of freshness and splendor. Melbourne is a typical immigrant city that accommodates a multi-regional, multi-ethnic population and culture. Like my Homestay is a Sri Lankan family. Living here, I realized the exotic atmosphere and felt that Melbourne is so novel and colorful under multiculturalism.

Although my host family is far from the city of Melbourne, the transportation is convenient, just tens of minutes. At the beginning of this, we will first handle the myki card of the card, and then you can travel with your heart. Every day on the train, I will see various countries, people of all skin colors, tides and tides, people come and go. The city center is very developed, the streets are clean and floating with a strong coffee aroma, strolling in the morning and getting a good mood.

The learning project inMonash is even more beneficial! There are excellent, patient and responsible teachers, super high teaching quality and advanced teaching equipment. The four-hour class every day, the courses are carefully designed, the classroom effect is great, and Internet teaching provides more opportunities for independent learning. After studying hard, make a cup of coffee, watch a favorite book, or go out and explore the city in a surprise. In the past two weeks, I have basically turned to Melbourne's large and small places, experience the yogurt, ice cream, bread, coffee and other foods, feel the fresh air, harmonious natural atmosphere, happy and fulfilling. I also met friends from all over the world. They are very kind, helpful and love Chinese culture.

I am grateful to Lanzhou University's CuiyingHonorSCollege for providing opportunities for distance learning. I have experienced a immersive English environment, growing my knowledge in a dynamic classroom, broadening my horizons, and experiencing happiness in life and learning. I hope that I can study harder, cherish opportunities and improve myself in the future.

(Written by Wei Weicen;Proofread by Dong Yaling)

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