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Study Abroad in Melbourne

Author: Time:2019-03-14

Time flies and I cannot believe that one week has passed since l came to this city, Melbourne. Everything seems going on very well now and l have been more used to studying in Monash College. In the college there are well-decorated classrooms with supporting facilities, atmosphere which allows students to have an open discuss and work as a group in class, teachers who are willing to answer your questions and solve your problem during working hours. Studying with my teachers, Gemma and Romila is interesting. The way we study in Monash College is quite different from that in China. We play a lot of games and do more group discussions in class. From class I learned many useful learning skills, such as free writing. Free writing means that you cannot stop or alter during writing. What you need to do is just writing. I think it is a good way to inspire me and to improve my writing skills. I believe that the experience will do a great help to my study on English. Though most of my classmates from China, there are some students from other countries like Japan, Saudi Arabia and Thailand. While we are doing the critical thinking, I learned about the diverse culture environments and thought patterns in different countries.

Out of class, I have known more about Melbourne where the tram crosses the city slowly. Take the right direction train to communicate, from the city campus to our home every day. As I become more and more familiar with the city, I found myself not surprised to fall in love with this city. Different style of buildings close to each other. People willing to answer your questions and give you a helping hand. Marks and signs everywhere in memory of the past invasion once happening on this land and the suffering brought to the original residents. Melbourne is a ‘colorful’ city, l would like to say. There are different kinds of events, buskers showing off their talents, and the street art. Of course you can’t miss the graffiti when you visit the city, which attracts hundreds of visitors come and take the photos.

During my study in Melbourne, I also made some friends here.Peopleare always kind. My homestay family are very considerate, helping me a lot start my life in an unfamiliar city. I’ve got more chances to practice my spoken English because it seems the only way to chat with people or ask directions here. And using English to tell another newcomer the direction in this city will always be an unforgettable experience to me. Melbourne has immigrants who come from all parts of the world, Chinese taking a big part. Meeting up with someone sharing the same hometown in a foreign country is very exciting to me . Sometimes I really miss my home. This is the first time I spend Chinese lunar new year by myself. My families are thousands miles away from me. But my time here runs fast, too. I enjoy my course here, and I think I will miss those people I meet here. There are many people in this world that we can only see once in a lifetime,and there are plenty of places we might only visitonce in our lives. May we meet again.

So if you are asking me what have l achieved from these two weeks in Melbourne, l would like to answer you like this: the important thing is always be ready to welcome a new journey, meet new guys and learn new things, because we all spend our whole life in the journey of our own life.

(Written by DuanYuncong and Kuang Ruijie)

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