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Exchange experience in Australia--Shi Zhan

Author: Time:2019-02-07

Exchange experience in Australia

                             Shi Zhan

I feel very lucky to be able to participate inthe study exchange program at the University of Monash in Melbourne, Australia. I stayed for 35 days in Australia. In addition to finishing my assignments at city in the Melbourne, I also joined my classmates to take a tour of the natural landscape around the Melbourne, such as ocean road and Gold Rush town. It is also worth mentioning that we traveled to Australia's largest city, Sydney. I learned a lot during study exchange project and l will talk about my own exchange experience from the three aspects - accommodation, study and travel.


Unlike other students, my home stay family is from Hong Kong, so I still lived in an eastern culture environment, which has its pros and cons. My hostess prefers to speak Chinese to me, because she finds it strange to communicate in English between Chinese people, so I respect her. However, it may make me lack the opportunity of speaking English, thus not helping me to improve oral English. living in a Chinese family atmosphere may affect my experience in Australia. But the positive aspect is that, without the Western concept of independence, my home still holds the opinion that "a visitor is a guest", so I have enough time to shower, no household chores, of course, good meals as well of course, good meals as well. I often communicate with my hostess after dinner, and in the discussion, what impressed me the most was her impression of the mainland China. The hostess said she was eager to travel inland, but when she entered the country, the squalid toilet environment at the Shenzhen station held her back. Indeed, when it comes to National Literacy improving, it is an important aspect to cultivate and strengthen the sense of public responsibility in public places. So not only do we need to improve ourselves on the Large scale, but we also need to improve ourselves. In detail, to observe the regulations and maintain the public environment from the bottom of our heart.


In Australia, Our main task is to improve our language skills, so the curriculum is focused on four aspects of English speaking, reading and writing. A week's course is taught by two teachers whose teaching methods are different. The first three days were taught by Amanda, who attached importance to the Entertainment of study. The atmosphere of the class was relaxed and the class was almost always done in the game. The next two days was taught by Lucy. she may pay more attention to learning knowledge. Her arrangement of teaching content is completer and more reasonable. However we always felt tired in her class. What’s more, the Westerners don’t have the habit of siesta, so in the afternoon class, my learning efficiency and quality of study are terrible. Compared with the teaching methods in China, I have summed up two characteristics of Western education: interaction and group study. This "interaction" happens not only between students but also between students and teachers, both offline and online, in such a way that teachers and students can exchange their ideas with others at any time and place through a well-organized learning system network and rules. The second is "group study". No matter what the task is, the teacher will ask us to finish in a group. Almost everyone spends most of our time in group discussions. The discussion needs to be in English to improve our spoken English, stimulate our thinking. And it can cultivate our ability to coordinate our organizations. Learning in a group may be a method that foreigners emphasized more to cultivate their students.


When it comes to travel, the traffic conditions in Melbourne has to be mentioned. I live in a neighborhood where the city train line is being fixed. So I change the route almost every week, making it harder for me to commute. But Melbourne's city government is doing well with citizen welfare and subsidies. They offered cold drinks free of charge when people are waiting for the bus. At five or six o'clock, nearly all the storefronts on the street are closed. People are eager to leave early and go home to enjoy a dinner.

Several of my classmates and I signed up for tours of several attractions around the Melbourne. And we went to two places, the Ocean Road and Taojin Town. The Ocean Road, located in Western Melbourne, was built in memory of the soldiers who fought in the World WarⅠ. It was built by many veterans, and more than 3,000 people worked hard for it. It brings tourists beautiful sea sceneries and thrilling beach activities. A number of coastal towns and fishing villages arose along Ocean Road.

Gold Rush Town is located in Bararat. When gold was first discovered in southern Australia, it brought a flood of gold hunters from Europe, China and Asia. By the early 20th century, gold had been wiped out and gold miners had shut down mines. The ancient city of Amoy was restored in the 1970s and officially opened to the public as a tourist attraction. At present, hundreds of staffs in the clothes of that years’ work here, giving tourists a sense of trance. As a result, the culture of the Melbourne has been formed

In the end, we went to Australia's largest city-Sydney. Sydney is a modern city which is different from Melbourne. You can visit the world-famous Sydney Opera House and the Bay Bridge by ferry.

In Melbourne and Sydney, it was their "street culture" that attracted me the most. You can see many Graffiti on the wall and artists who show themselves on the street. In this atmosphere, People discover their nature and interests and the culture is merged and sublimated.


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