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Harvests as an exchanged student at Monash College

Author: Time:2019-03-11

I have gained a lot during the thirty-five days as an exchanged student, not only improving my English, but alsohavingmany interesting and lovely friends, we did lots of interesting things together and enjoyed many beautiful sceneries. I also changed some of my attitude towards study and life.

I still remember when Prof. Feng took us to have BBQ after finishing all exams before the trip, my homestay sent me an email telling me about the weather in Melbourne, which made me get less afraid of the unfamiliar environment. Because we were busy packing packages and catching train and the plane the next day, I had no time to think about the problems I would face there. However, the moment I got on the plane to Melbourne, I was a little bit upset while imagining the scene I was about to see and feel.

The customs were not so difficult to get through, the weather was not so hot, the house was warm and the rooms were comfortable, which are the impression I got from first day. I fell asleep joyfully wishing to leave my footprints in the city, meet more people and see more sceneries.

After I got on the right track, I had classes in the afternoon from Monday to Friday. I spent the morning either doing homework or attending workshops. I hardly had time to appreciate this charming city, which was a pity I didn't realize how little I knew about the city until nearly half way through it.

During this period, I have gained a lot. I would like to talk about my experience and gains in English learning, change of mentality and scenery appreciation.

First of all, in terms of English learning, although there were many Chinese students in the class, we tried to communicate in English and improved together. At the same time, teachers also payed attention to cultivate our ability of dialectical thinking in the teaching process, and often threw out a problem for us to think of some solutions. I also learned a lot of new ways of thinking from other students during the group discussion.

On the first day ofschool, we were divided into several groups to complete several tasks around the school. Including some location searching tasks and collecting the store opening hours and so on. In the process of searching, I found that the team's execution was the most important, also we needed to be brave enough to ask pedestrians. During this time, we met a local person who were very patient to give us directions, and one also opened a map in my mobile phone and carefully explained the direction of each intersection. In this city, although everyone was very busy, most people would actively and enthusiastically helped others solve problems, which also gave me a deep impression in the following month.

In terms of accommodation, I was lucky to find a friendly and communicative grandma who provided me with many favorable travel plans and we also went to see penguins together. I found that Australians attached great importance to animal protection. Once I proposed to throw the expired roast chicken into the garbage can on the street but rejected by my homestay for that animals might get sick after eating that. People always long for Australia for its unique geographical conditions and natural environment. At the same time, they know how to live in harmony with nature instead of satisfying their own interests to the greatest extent. This is what we should learn from them. From a dock I saw a metal sign on the ground. When I came closer, it was a scale corresponding to the length of fish for each month. Every month there were strict limits on fishing. While seeing penguins heading home, I saw a lot of locals carrying a flashlight covered with red plastic, which prevented the penguins getting damaged by the ordinary flashlight light, at the same time there were a lot of volunteers willing to help you see penguins, explained and called on everyone to protect them. I think it is worth learning to attach importance to the protection of animals. Without early education, this idea will not be rooted in the heart. Therefore, Australian education attaches great importance to the protection of nature.

I also had the honor to attend two of their family parties, and everyone was friendly to chat with me. During the communication with them, I could feel their love and pride for Melbourne. At the same time, I had a better understanding of the history of Australia and the life of the local people. Traveling is a big part of most of their lives. For example, homestay’s brother will go to Japan soon. He will not only have a simple visit there, but also find a job in a ski resort, so that he can enjoy the scenery and have a deeper understanding of local customs. This kind of travel is something I have never done before. Looking for a job in another country, I think, is the best way to learn about different countries.

I still remember my homestay said that she gapped one year in college to go to the UK and found a job to take care of the children. She was provided with accommodation and food, paid for a certain salary and had spare time to go out on weekends. She also mentioned that her two nieces also went to France and Italy in the same way. At that time, I was shocked. It seemed to me very bold and impossible to give up one year to travel in college. Chinese college students were either busy taking the postgraduate entrance examination or trying to get the postgraduate recommendation, but they did not have enough time to have a close look at the outside world. Because of this, my attitude has also changed a little. Instead of staying at home or at school, I would like to go out more. Even Lanzhou has many beautiful sceneries and novel things waiting for me to discover.

In this short month, my friends and I spent a weekend going to another very beautiful city -- Sydney. When you think of Sydney, the opera house firstly come into mind, which is a unique floating opera house with creative ideas. The first night we arrived, we walked to the Sydney opera house and saw a building that had already existed in our mind, just like in a dream. If we can use a metaphor, Sydney is more like Shanghai. Melbourne is a more livable city like Hangzhou.

During these 35 days, we had the honor to visit the university of Sydney and the university of Melbourne, both left deep impressions on me. The university of Sydney is tucked away in a park, with a tree-lined path leading up many steps to the spectacular library. As the school has not started yet, the university was almost full of tourists while students are rarely seen, but it also provided us with a good opportunity to enjoy the campus scenery. Walking on the campus, you can see both classical buildings and modern experimental buildings. At that time, it occurred to me that scientists had discovered one miracle after another in such an ancient experimental building long ago. Then I went to look for the biological experimental building and took a photo with it. After two weeks later, I\we visited the university of Melbourne. It was also a holiday, but the semester was about to start, and I could see many students exercising. Even in the scorching sun, there are still many students in the playground doing exercise, like running or dancing inside. In this aspect, I must learn from them and adjust the exercise time of my study. The campus environment of these two universities are very beautiful, with dense trees and colorful birds everywhere, as well as a variety of interesting activities on the bulletin board. Such a quiet and comfortable campus environment also increased my yearning for foreign universities.

It is not easy to go to university in a foreign country. Besides heavy study, they often organize and participate in lots of activities. International students may be expelled if they fail several courses. The teachers are strict and will regularly communicate with each student about the recent learning situation. Although we are exchange students, the teachers were also very careful, in the 35 days will often communicate with each of our students learning, each time the work will be directly on the Internet comments, there are questions to answer. Such a responsible attitude also made me realize the strict and efficient teaching in foreign schools.

At the same time, I was also affected by the attitude of Australians. They always keep a positive and optimistic attitude towards life and do not think about things that may confuse them. They focus on the present moment and live a positive and happy life every day. Walking along the beach in the afternoon, you can see many off-duty people surfing, walking dogs or jogging. In their habit, work and life are completely separated, and even the great pressure on work will not bother them to relax. Although I live in China, a country with a lot of pressure in the future, I hope I can enjoy my life and appreciate the beautiful scenery of nature as well as they do, and will not be troubled by trifles in life or study.

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