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Feeling of communication abroad (Tingting Ni)

Author: Time:2019-05-15

In the winter vacation in 2017, I was blessed to go to the South continent for a study tour.I turned 180 degrees and saw another piece of holy land where the sun shines. This experience not only brought mewithnovel experiences in terms of language, thinking,and humanities, but also a huge test to my ability of handling all kinds of things independently.

The social culture of Melbourne gave me a new experience. Australia had been a primitive society before the British colonization in the 18th century. In 1901, after colonial rule ended, it strode toward a democratic capitalist society. It skipped the feudal society that distorted human nature but maintained its own beauty of human nature. Whether in supermarkets, banks, or anyplaces, hardly anyone will frown at you or beind different to you. This is a country with a large number of immigrants. The diversity not only brings variety of food, but also brings equal social relations. The streets are always filled with the fragrance of mellow coffee, where coffee is not only a beverage, but also a habit, a habit of tasting the mood of life. Street performersand parades in city streets decorate this modern city,and it makes people do not feel the indifference bought by the gray concrete.

Melbourne has been rated as the most suitable city for seven years. This praise is benefited from its temperateandmaritime climate, but sometimes you may experience four seasons a day. Australia’s cultural background are far inferior to China’s, so there are no cultural site attractions, but nature has given it breathtaking quaint shores, like Melbourne’s Twelve Apostles, and Cairns’ Great Barrier Reef. Sydney's Opera House,Harbor Bridge, Darling Harborand Circular Quay are yet other examples of modern beauty. In Australia,we coincided with the annual National Day. It is definitely a good time to travel and the weather is warming up. This is a grand holiday celebrated by all thenation. There are several small aircraft operators in Australia,such as Tiger and Jet Star with low price, which can be directly booked on domestic APPs. It is definitely the first choice for traveling between cities. You can choose to apply my kipass transportation card for city transportation,which provides youavailableride in the city's trameconomically.

I studied English at Monash University. My class was module 2. The class atmosphere was free and open. The teacher would ask each student to answer questions actively. For homework, we must actively check emails and look at the emails sent by teacher. General job submissions were submitted online.Always remember to bring a computer in class. Teacher sometimes arranged online tests. Testing on mobile phoneswasnot convenientand available. For the final exam,they tested your command ofwriting, reading, listening, andspeaking. Make sure you well acquired these abilities.

Livingin a foreign country, make sure you havea pleasant stay with your host family.You need to actively help them with their housework and put forward your own requirements with manner. If there exists force manurefactors, you can apply for exchanging homestay. Not all homestay families can provide food that suits your appetite.You can go to explore the city by yourself or find help from your classmates.This will not only improve your English-speaking skills, but also increase intimacy with your classmates. In Melbourne, therearefree barbecue grills in parks.You can invite your friends to have a barbecue party together.You can always have a carnival beside the beautiful lakeside with adequate preparation.Irecommend table salt and steel ballswhich can completely clean the grill.

In Melbourne, your study pressure is not very heavy.After finishing your academic work, you can explore this beautiful city as much as possible.The Melbourne Library is a quiet environment,with rich collections and long-lasting buildings.It sometimes hold sex hibitions, which is definitely worth your exploration.It is a economic choice to bring your student card or blue band when you visit Melbourne Museum, which can give you a certain discount.Melbourne prison is a reflection of the history of Melbourne, where you can experience the life of the prisoners at thattime.In every small and quiet prison cell,you can view the past of every prisoner.You cannot miss the beautiful scenery,such asthe strange cliffs on the disciples of the 12 disciples, sunset at St Kilda Beachandthe cute penguins in the Penguin Island.You will feel the enthusiasm of the nation and soul of sports in National Day Week and the Australian Open.

If you are lucky enough to visit Sydney,whichis a bustling city.Starting from the harbor, walking through the hustle and bustle of George Street, shopping in Mecca, walking along the coast,you finally arrive at Balmain.This place is mixed withnoise and quiet. There are filled with people of all races and colors.In each district,there are their own ethnic groups or cultural groups, forming their own unique style of shops and restaurants, such as Chinatown.

Here are some tips which may be helpful to your overseas exchange:

1. Obey the rules. When you first came to foreign countries, you should do as the Romans do.We’d better comply with Aussie's pivotal thinking. We should say thank you for the services of others, especially when you are shopping. It may not be as flexible as it is in China. However, following their habits for a long time, obeying the rules will gradually enter into a sense of identity. Consequently, when you return to China and see some people violating the rules, even bumping into someone without an apology, a sense of dislike would come to you.

2.Be patriotic. After studying abroad, more people will feel deeply that "patriotism" is not merely a matter of saying. When you go abroad, no matterwhere you are, people will discuss your country with you. The information you receive on social media at home and abroad will inevitably be different. After knowing more about the international vision, you will have a deep understanding ofthe issues of your motherland.

3.Expanding your social circle. For most people, the exotic new environment will create a strong sense of loneliness that has never been felt,it makes people more eager to make friends than ever before. When dealing with many things,youcan consultthem for advice.

4.Studying abroad, homework and life is harder. In Australia, we are faced with a complete strange environment. What we can do is only to arrange everything by ourselves. Life teaches every international student to be independent.In the simplest case, the children who are studying abroad are at the chef level.They learn to cook, and many of them are gradually enjoying cooking.

This journey of study really benefited me a lot.Unlike the fierce competition between people in the Mainland, unlike Hong Kong's fast pace of life, unlike the highly developed and complicated social relations in North America, it seems that they are slowing down abit, not lazy, but really pleasant. Enthusiastic locals, a developed society, a beautiful environment, with all external conditions provides me new experience of great learning life.

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