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An enlightening trip--Bi Cheng

Author: Time:2019-08-06

Maybe this article is different from others.

I have to say that I did not enjoy myself as others in the past few weeks because of some psychological factors like homesickness and fear of measles. Once it attack, I feel weak and sweaty, I will not be able to walk and even breath,always want to meet doctors.So sometimes I admire my classmates who have adapt to new environment well, they treat pizza and bacon as yummy, and share their good, satisfied feelings in Qzone,but I just show others some pictures I took randomly. The only thing I found scrumptious is the beef noodles fromChengdu Style.Only one class per day, pressure from courses seems not so conspicuous, and I do not usually have anything later than 5:00pm. However, sometimes I still need a phone call to acquire comfort from parents or my bestie. Everytime I see airplane flying in sky, I wish I am in that big bird going home as a matter of fact. I would rather stay at Lanzhou if I know these unpleasant,unplanned things happen.

Lonely, especiallywhen I stay at dormitory alone. Perhaps I am not suitable to go abroad for further study. I know this kind of mindset is distorted but I cannot correct it myself. Not once have I asked my calendar : how many days left? when can I go back home? But I must persist, otherwise will achieve nothing. The most effective strategy should be study, I have brought some reference books, which I think can help tide me over.

Some classmates said they just treat this as a trip and told me to be a competent holidaymaker, they think my attitude has more disadvantages than benefits. But people cannot realize other’s feelings. All things have to be done by myself. Ultimately it is because the indolent lifestyle in vacation. So,what can I learn from this trip? What should I do to avoid these phenomena? It’s no doubt that we need a well-rounded preparation before every trip, to know the weather,the food,the water of your destination,as specific as possible and make a plan to cope with all things that may happen, then you can just enjoy your trip. Another thing to keep in mind is going out all the time, once we feel lonely,feel weak and only want to lie on the bed, please go out and find something interesting. In UC botanical garden, the guide explained so many species of unique plants including variety of cactus and the tallest tree. In Stanford university, we got a sense of marvellousness from architecture and peaceful parks. In the gameBEST OF WEREWOLVES,we forget exhaustion and become more amicable to others and know more strangers who are even from other countries. It’s wonderful, isn’t it?

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