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Keep thinking about your life--Cheng Yin

Author: Time:2019-08-20

In the summer of 2019, I attended session D at UCB, and I learn a lot from it. In terms of study, I feel not only the cultural difference between China and the United States, but also the difference in education and learning methods. In class, teachers attach great importance to the communication and interaction with students. On the one hand, they promote the class; on the other hand, they hope students can better understand the class. The courses are always compact and orderly. In an academic writing class, the teacher would ask us to complete an assignment in an unknown state the day before class. For this reason, we would look up a lot of materials in websites and libraries. So, in the next day's class, we always have a lot of problems and can't wait to ask the teacher. Naturally, we have a more solid grasp of knowledge. The teacher told us that she was doing so to teach us to take the initiative to think about our own life as well, and we would often be as confused as we saw the homework without an answer, but this is life, still need us to constantly think. UCB is one of the cradles of CRISPR technology, and I was very lucky to listen to professor Fyodor Urnov, the leader in this field, give a wonderful and passionate speech, which was really "listening to your words is worth ten years of study". The teacher is also willing to answer students' questions after class, and encourages students to communicate through E-mail or make an interview, which shows me the respect for people in American culture. I am very grateful to the school and college for providing us with such a valuable exchange opportunity, which will become a precious treasure for me.

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