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Exchange feelings In Santa Barbara, the university in California

Author: Time:2019-09-06

The three-month quarterly exchange inSanta Barbara, the university in California, gave me a better understanding about the physics teaching methods of the school and the learning styles of the students. Compared to the previous Texas Tech University, the geographical difference in the United States is quite large.

In physics teaching, I took two academic courses for physics graduate students in the United States, namely cosmology and general relativity C. Each course needs to be approved by the teacher's consent. When I first went to the class, I almost couldn't understand everything he said, but since it's a golden opportunity for me to study abroad, I want to push myself, challenge myself, and choose difficult courses. Therefore, I’m going to talk to the professor and see if I can take these two courses without a prerequisite. The professors are quite friendly and said, "we can look at your homework to get an estimate of whether you are qualified for this postgraduate course." I spent almost three days and three nights doing the homework 1 in general relativity which have, in total, only two questions. Almost all my spare time was been focused on the first homework. Although I did not reach the full score, it also reached the same score as the doctoral students in the class, so I passed the teacher's assessment and successfully got enrollment in this graduate course. The initial course study is always quite difficult. Furthermore, because the general relativity is a three-quarter style in the Santa Barbara, I have to choose the last quarter, so I have to take classes and review the contents of the first two quarters at the meantime. After nearly three weeks, I could, to some extent, understand some contents in class . I combined the book and the self-study after the class. Near to the final, basically I can keep up with the teacher's rhythm, and can also ask some questions in the class. I got the perfect score in the last homework. And I am the only one among the doctoral students to get a full score in the class. The end of the course is to deliver a speech and write 10 or more formal papers related. I did a lecture on gravitational wave detection. I read a lot of LIGO related literature before presentation, and I was praised by teachers and doctoral students for good performance on this. The final paper was handed over by Latex. I am very grateful to yupeng Zhang, a student in Lanzhou University, who is jointly trained by Georgia Polytechnic now. He helped me with Latex editing. With his help and my endeavor, I was changed from a student who didn't know what Latex was into a proficient Latex compiler. Finally, I also made some appointments with the teacher and talked about some suggestions about the choice of physical directions in the future. Because I am currently in the critical period of the third year of physical education, I don’t know much about the various fields of physics. The teacher has some suggestions. During this time, I also introduced Cuiying Honors College and some of my basic academic, scientific research and courses. The general relativity tells me the biggest feeling for the American physics course: whether you feel that you can do it in the first time or not, as long as you usually spend time, and think first when you are stuck in a certain point and prepare some materials to visit the teacher for those questions. Finally, spare time in the US Santa Barbara is quite a lot for the exchange students, because there are no other optional courses that will interfere with your study of professional courses, you can drill into the physical ocean and swim in the library.

By comparing with local students, we can find out the diversity of American students' learning styles from the details. My roommate is a native speaker. He studies in psychology. His daily routine is not very regular, but he can always complete the prescribed tasks assigned by the teacher within the prescribed time. He goes home almost every week andit willtake about an hour to drive. Once in a chat with a roommate, I found that he needed to draw the shape of his own dormitory, including the furniture and persons inside. I thought it was fun and helped him think about how to get the job done better! Americans have their own learning, have group study, and some seniors help the younger students to study. There are students of different ages in the class to study together. Some students bathe in the sun reading the literature. Some grab a slice of pizza and hurry to the classroom. I feel that the above small details can magnify the diversity of Americans' learning style, strong self-control ability, and their love for life.

In the free time of study, I will also come out and look at the details hidden under the surface of daily life, and through this to see some cultural differences that most people can't see. I went out to visit, with the 2016 chemistry class Liyue Zhang, the 2016 class humanities class Miao Wang and the 2016 class physics class Tianye Xia, Disneyland and Universal Studios in Los Angeles. we went to The Butterfly preserve near the Santa Barbara and the state beach, and also went to the downtown at night, to experience the night life in the United States. Because the whole trip was accompanied by roommates, and we already asked the roommates about before departure, safety is not a problem anymore. The scenery of the Santa Barbara school is quite different from that of the Texas Tech School in the southern United States, which has a tropical Mediterranean climate, with schools on the coast. In some of the school’s dorms, the width of the sea can be seen through the window. The environment has spawned the American terroir of Santa Barbara.

Although three months of time is fleeting, every class of the three months is now recalled as if it is vivid. There is always disappointment about leaving, but sometimes Departing temporarily is for a better encounter in the future.

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