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Summary of Summer Exchanges at Monash University--Teng Yufei

Author: Time:2020-03-16

I am honored to have the opportunity to go to Melbourne, Australia for a summer exchange at the end of the last semester. This exchange project is an English promotion project, so in this article, I will mainly talk about my experience in Australia.

Australia is a country of immigrants. People living in Australia come from all over the world. In the city, you can see different cultures from all over the world. Not only languages, but also food and customs have their features. In Melbourne, public transportation is one of the local characteristics. The extensive railway network constitutes Melbourne's public transportation network, radiating from the city centre to the suburbs around Melbourne. Melbourne's urban area is where people work, study and shop, while accommodation is scattered in the suburbs. In the local area, people usually get up early every day to take the train to the city center, and then take the train back to the suburbs in the afternoon. Therefore, in the rush hour, the passenger flow of major railway stations will increase sharply, and the departure frequency will also accelerate. We must pay attention to the destination of each train in order to avoid taking the wrong train.

In Australia, eating habits are the first place to adapt. For local people, eating is only a small module of life. After the family mother cooks the meal, others pick up some at home after work. They heat it in the microwave oven. There is no such habit of family eating together. At the same time, unlike at home, people abroad are more accustomed to eating cold food, such as breakfast, they like to eat some cold sandwiches or cold milk soaked cereal.

On the next day we arrived in Australia, we started our course. There are still significant differences between foreign and domestic teaching methods. Foreign classes are very open, encouraging students to give questions and class discussion and debate. A language project as it is,, teachers are more likely to give us a topic of the day, we study and discuss around the topic. There are many other forms of classes. In addition to the basic study of listening, speaking, reading and writing, teachers will discuss with us more about the opinions we hold. In the continuous communication, our English level has improved significantly. In class, almost all of the classroom content needs to be completed online. I have to say that foreign countries do bring the Internet into the classroom very well.

Of course, the more interesting thing is to talk to the classmates. Most of them come from all over the world. Although they speak different mother tongues, everyone here can only speak English. There are not many differences in English proficiency, but it is also a trouble to let each other understand. We should not only think about the sentence syntax, but also consider the tone and intonation. Even so, depending on English, we are constantly learning about lifestyles and customs from other countries. The best person we got along with was a girl from Saudi Arabia. Later, she came to us to learn some Chinese when she had time. Even when we returned home now, we often chatted with her on the Wechat.

Like it in China, we also need to work for five days a week here. On the weekend, we have time to go out and relax. Over the weekends we went to Phillip Island, then Great Ocean Road and Sydney. Phillip Island is famous for its beaches, Penguins and native wildlife. I have to say that Australia's vast wildlife areas and low population density make up a rich local species. Great Ocean Road was built to restore economy and increase employment after World War I. Driving on Ocean Road can see Australia's most beautiful scenery. The most famous one is the Twelve Apostles on Great Ocean Road, which are boulders (actually less than twelve) that go straight out of the sea. Ocean waves splash water mist on boulders and occasionally float to the face. On the other hand, this sensory feeling is difficult to describe in words. Sydney and Melbourne have always been the two most developed cities in Australia. Compared with Melbourne, Sydney is characterized by its newness. It has no ancient infrastructure in Melbourne. It gives the impression that the city is modern from head to toe, similar to the relationship between Shanghai and Beijing. Sydney Opera House, as Sydney's business card, the government spares no effort to be huge. To build this building that records Sydney's history. Close to it, the streamlined shape and stripes of the opera house are actually adhered to one by one by one by ceramic tiles. We can not help but sigh at the huge amount of work.

If the most unforgettable thing is that it is the first time to celebrate Chinese New Year abroad. The teacher found an enthusiastic Chinese, who lent us his house for use, from dishes to dumplings. Searching for New Year's Day abroad is not easy, so the Spring Festival is very precious. The time difference between Australia and China is three hours, so everyone stays up until three o'clock in the morning before going to bed one after another.

Overall, the Australian Language Project not only promotes the language, but also experiences the way of life and learning abroad, so that we can integrate into the international environment earlier. In addition to the compact classroom, continuous conversation with local people is also an important way to improve English. A little suggestion: If possible, I would prefer to take a major course at Monash University, so that I can learn professional knowledge as well as improve my language.

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