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Feelings and Experiences--Zhou Ziyu

Author: Time:2020-04-16

This is my first time to go abroad and there are many unexpected things. Five weeks is enough time to get used to a language, to a place, and to a life. Memories of this time are full of touching and harvest.

I have to say that living independently overseas can make people grow up quickly. Because most things can only be done by myself, although the teachers and classmates are willing to help me. There is no doubt that it’s a big challenge for me because I’m used to the care of my parents and school arrangements. I used to think I couldn’t do something on my own. However, I found myself so powerful when I had to do it alone. This makes me full of confidence in my study and life. I believe that nothing is impossible as long as I want to do it.

When I first came to Australia, I was not used to life there and bad things happened one after another. On my first night with a host family, the dark shadows and strange noises outside the window made me nervous. I didn’t go to sleep until three in the morning. The next day, I lost my new transportation card and had to buy a new one. At that time, I was frustrated and at a loss, not knowing what to do.

Gradually, I came out from the loneliness and fear, and found that there were many beautiful things waiting for me to explore. I was riding a steam train through the woods, I was sitting in a tree watching seagulls circling, I was walking the streets of Melbourne listening to music, and I was reading in an old wooden chair of the state library. I planed my trip to experience the culture and natural scenery of Melbourne.

I gained a lot from my study in Monash University. Diversified teaching forms, high degree of application of science and technology and humanized school space design can better help students develop. As far as I’m concerned, our college can learn from these.

My homestay also let me gain a lot. I often chatted with my homemother and we discussed the culture of different countries. We were surprised by the huge differences and excited by the similarities. My homemother always answered my questions and explained new words for me patiently. In a word, she helped me a lot and made me feel warm in a foreign country.

Before I went to Australia, I worried that I would not fit in with the locals. However, when I saw people of different colors and costumes talking and laughing with different accents on the train, I found it easy to integrate in the cultures of diversity. Australia is free and inclusive, where different cultures collide. For example, Christians brush past Moslems, blacks and whites are neighbors, and when you are in trouble asking others for help, no matter which country they come from, they will assist you with a smile in most cases. Despite the unsetting factors, its freedom and tolerance is worth leaning from.

Trough this project, my English was improved significantly. In addition to study in classroom, English communication in daily life also played an important role. When I first arrived in Australia, I had a hard time in understanding and expressing. After a month, I tried my best to search for words to express my ideas, and the communication became more natural. I also made great progress in listening, pronunciation and vocabulary. In short, the subtle influence of English environment played a great role in improving my English.

In summary, this study abroad improved my living ability and English level, and I have experienced different cultures and natural sceneries. In my opinion, this is really a meaningful trip for me.

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