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Author: Time:2020-06-14

Firstly, I want to thank our college for providing us with this precious opportunity of studying abroad to improve and promote our English level. We not only attend the professional English class offered by Monash Language Centre, but also connect with local communities for we lived in homestay when we were in Aussie. We can learn the skills of writing, speaking, listening and reading in the class, and also we can train our daily communication skills when we chat with our homestay families.

What's more, we made a lot of friends in Australia and has forged deep friendships. They are from different countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam. We went to dinner, visited the Mel Museum, went shopping in Chadstone. Also, we taught them how to speak Chinese, how to cook authentic Chinese food. We served as an ambassador to promote Chinese culture. At the meantime, we get known and absorbed culture from other country and area. English is quite important in these communications. It serves as a common tool that can connect people from different countries with different culture backgrounds and convention. I think it’s the charm of using English.

Besides learning English in the city campus, we had numerous after-school activities which enrich our live here, expand our horizon, and provide us an opportunity to dig deep the culture, convention and locals'thoughts in Australia. We wrapped dumplings for the Chinese New Year and waited for the new year's coming that day. Also, our English teacher, a very nice Malaysia girl, took us to the Melbourne Museum and asked us to prepare a presentation which is corresponding to the content we chose in the museum. By the way, we made the best use of our weekend and went to a lot of famous tourist attractions, such as the Great Ocean Road, Philips island, St Kilda beach and so on. Each of them has distinct characteristics, the Great Ocean Road is magnificent, St Kilda beach is romantic and St Kilda beach is warm and clean.

After all, I like Australia very much. It's fascinating. I am grateful for Cuiying Honors College to offer us this opportunity. I will be more hardworking, try my best to go abroad for further study and come back to feedback the society in the future.

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