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The quiet town-Davis:Li Guangyu

Author: Time:2020-09-13

The school I exchanged is UC Davis, which is located in a peaceful town. This winter, I not only made a lot of foreign friends, but also felt the unique learning atmosphere in the United States. Next, I will introduce the host family I lived in and the American classes I experienced.

First, let me talk about host families in the United States. In addition to my fellow students, there were also a Japanese and a Korean living with me in the host family. They were very friendly, and every time we had dinner, we talked in English and shared our experiences in Davis. It is worth mentioning that this Japanese student is only 16 years old, which shows that Japan also attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents. Our landlord, a 70-year-old grandmother, usually offered us three meals. Although the landlord looked a little bit old, she took us shopping at the mall every weekend and sometimes to the local restaurants. For example, I spent my birthday in a foreign restaurant. Although she was only our landlord, she was really delicate and gentle to us. Although we did not live in the school dormitory, such living experience, I think is a brilliant light in my memory.

The second is the American class. I took two mathematics courses: topology and discrete mathematics, and an English writing course. The 4-credit courses in foreign countries were generally three classes a week and each class lasted for 50 minutes. It seemed that a class was only fifty minutes long, half the length of a class in China, but the professor usually taught a lot in the class. In fact, foreign countries attached great significance to the interaction of students. For example, we could interrupt the teacher at any time and put forward our own questions in class. For discrete classes, there were even two sections a week where students were divided into groups to discuss difficult problems. For the homework after class, it was much stricter in foreign countries than that in China. For some obvious things, you should write clearly, and if you had any questions about the homework, or about the score of the homework, you should go to the professor's in office hour. Foreign classes had a mid-term, which was generally a exam in the class. However, the time of it was short, and the number of questions was quite huge. Fortunately, the topic difficulty was generally relatively simple. The length of the final exam was two hours, compared with the mid-term, the amount of questions in which would be larger and the difficulty would increase. The last thing I want to talk about is the English writing course I chose. Although it was also of four credits, but this course was two periods a week, two hours for each. This English course also had a lot of homework, with its large quantity of quantification, which included 1000 pieces fully. Although it seemed very tedious, the class was mainly for discussion. After the end of the semester, I even became friends with almost everyone in the class.

In a word, the United States has a very free learning atmosphere both in class and after class. The security concerns that we had at first didn't seem to be a big deal for me. Americans are very friendly to foreigners, no matter of their residents or their workers. The journey which was thought to be fearful and not expected finally turned out to be the great and precious memory in my whole life time.

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