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The meaningful journey to UCLA:Bao Jiawei

Author: Time:2021-02-08

During the beginning of this year, I studied in UCLA for a winter quarter as an exchanged student. UCLA is a renowned university located in Los Angeles. The mathematical department in UCLA has the world-leading research and many awesome mathematicians including Professor Terence Tao. It also provides various mathematical courses which are pretty attractive to me.

For me, this journey was meaningful and unforgettable. I took two math courses named Introduction to Topology and Mathematical Cryptography. The professor who taught topology has already been 84 years old. He is a very kind and responsible teacher, and I really enjoyed discussing problems with him during the office hours. Honestly, the exams in this course are quite a lot for me. There would be a quiz once a week, 2 midterms and a final exam. But if you work hard and spend time seriously learning the course, it’s not difficult to get a high score. On the other hand, the professor who taught Mathematical Cryptography is very young. She has just got her PHD degree from Harvard University a year ago. Her notes and handwriting are very clear. She is a very patient and soft lady. The contents of the course also attracted me a lot. What’s more, it’s this course which makes me decide to major in cryptography in my graduate study. I’m very grateful to the nice professors I met in UCLA because they really helped me a lot and I learned a lot from them too.

There are also many activities and chances in UCLA. I met some new friends and we always went to famous places in LA to have some fun. As a person who really enjoys eating, I must recommend the dinning halls at UCLA. All the foods there taste so good! And if you are afraid that American foods are too high in fat and calories, you could choose BIG PLATE, which only provides healthy delicious foods.

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