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2020, Encountered in Berkeley:Guo YiJi

Author: Time:2021-04-28

In the middle of January 2020, after the final examination, I took a flight to go abroad and began a new stage of study and life. When I got off the plane, due to the jet lag and the uninterrupted study task in the previous stage, I would fall asleep almost as soon as I sat down. My heart was full of longing for the winter vacation and the Spring Festival. However, Berkeley has a lot of orientation activities and guidance lectures for the new semester, and the enthusiasm of seniors who attended the orientation finally beat back my tiredness. The new semester, beginning with participating in "pizza symposium", a few students and few exchange students sat face to face talking, eating pizza and salad, talking about their own major, ideal, the customs of their hometown; seniors from Brazil guided us step by step to the school with open arms in their own way.

There are still some differences between foreign and domestic teaching modes. In the first class, teachers will post their detailed lesson plans and relevant preview materials online for everyone to download, leaving enough time for everyone to prepare for the class. In class, the teacher's teaching content is not limited to textbooks, but more about some extended content and cutting-edge progress. Many of the classroom homework is according to the literature out of the new topic, and the textbook after class questions are completely dependent on the student's consciousness. In this way, it can be a good test of whether the students really understand this knowledge point, and at the same time, also promotes the initiative of students to read literature. There will be several TA(Teaching Assistant) tutorials every week. From my personal point of view, I think this tutorial is very helpful to the study of the course and the completion of homework. Because there are a lot of students sitting around, talking about their ideas, and you'll see that there's another way of thinking about this. There's also Office Hour every week, which is a great time to meet industry leaders face to face! Sometimes, their interpretation of professional knowledge is far more interesting than that in the textbook! The professors here have left a deep impression on me. The professor in his seventies and eighties, even though his hand is shaking slightly, still speaks passionately about the textbook. He still has a passion for the teaching arena. And his treatment of science has a profound impact on me and other students.

I remember an upperclassman saying at the freshman orientation, "There is a great gym here, but I was too busy with my studies to go there." So, I decided to help seniors make up for this regret! I go to the gym every week after school because there are different classes in the gym every week, yoga, aerobics, strength training, even martial arts. I think the students around me have a strong sense of exercise. Many of them run on campus in the morning, and the available treadmill in the gym is often difficult to find.

In foreign countries, in addition to the increase of professional knowledge and physical literacy, my life skills have also been greatly improved. During the epidemic, I went abroad for exchanges, so I spent more time cooking and eating by myself at home. I also made dumplings at home during the Spring Festival. From food shopping, food processing to cooking, I can appreciate the hard-won success of a delicious meal by doing it myself.

In 2020, due to the outbreak of the epidemic, there was some resistance to overseas exchanges. However, we saw different scenery abroad and gained more progress.

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