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Exchange experience:Shi Jingyang

Author: Time:2021-03-16

    In the last semester of my senior year, since I want to experience the research environment and life of foreign research groups in advance and prepare for the upcoming application season, I applied for a research internship at the Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) in the United States. I am also fortunate to be able to enter Professor Shenvi's group for a five-month internship.

During these five months, I not only experienced daily life abroad more deeply, but also got a great deal of exercise in scientific research because I was able to work in different research groups.

Living independently in the United States is very different from staying in school here. Especially when I first settled in the United States, I encountered many challenges. Because I rent a house to live outside the school, I need to deal with a variety of different things, most of which have not been encountered in the past, but I also solved these problems with schoolmates and other friends who went to the United States together. As I seldom cook at home, I gradually became familiar with the feeling of buying food and cooking, and even gradually fell in love with this feeling. Although it is more tiring, I can also experience a lot of fun from it. Can prepare for an independent life afterwards. In addition to the need to wander between the various trivial things in life, you can also have the opportunity to relax in the surrounding city attractions on the weekend. Although many people who can’t go can't go far, they can see slightly different scenery and meet slightly different people, which adds a lot to the busy experimental life in the United States.

The most important time in the United States is to work in the laboratory of Professor Shenvi. To a certain extent, the atmosphere or the like may be slightly freer than that in the country, but the pressure felt and the aggressiveness of everyone are even stronger. In the laboratory, I assisted another graduate student to carry out a whole synthesis project and a catalyst synthesis project, which was quite challenging considering my ability. The process of the experiment is not much different from what I did in Professor Zhou's laboratory. Although it is relatively easy to get started with, it has constantly encountered various problems. While solving these issues, I exercised my ability well. Among them, the most helpful thing to me is communication with other graduate students in the laboratory. Whether they are doing experiments, holding group meetings or listening to lectures, they can teach me a lot of new knowledge. There are not many Chinese in the laboratory, there is only one Chinese post-doctor, so the communication in the laboratory has greatly improved my speaking ability. Experiments are often very tiring, and sometimes even make people feel tormented, but every time they return to the lounge to see the cliff and the waves outside the window, the fatigue on the body can be reduced by half. In the end, I was very fortunate to be affirmed by the laboratory teacher, and I received great help from him in applying to the school.

Finally, I need to thank Cuiying Honors College for giving me this opportunity to go abroad for an internship. Without this opportunity, it is difficult for me to get in touch with foreign laboratories and my application may be more difficult.

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