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Author:萃英学院办公室 Time:2018-07-13


At 14:30 on April 18th, we are scheduled to hold an exchange students' experience sharing meeting with students in Guan Yun Building 801, andalsodiscuss the related issues with the lower grade students on studying abroad. At the appointed time, the teacher of the office of international education cooperation will give an explanation to the application of the national student Foundation Committee on the postgraduate program. Students of grade 2016 and students who will attend the three items of summer 2018 will be punctual to participate. We are also welcomedto participate in other grades.

Exchange students’introduction:

Lin Jingrong, Grade 2014 physics, Stanford University

Shi Anye, Grade 2014 chemistry, University of California at San Diego

Li Kungang, Grade 2014 physics, University of Maryland

Huang Junjie, Grade 2014 chemistry, Texas A&M University

Cuiying Honors College

Month 16th, 2018

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