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Academic Lecture Series(66)

Author: Time:2020-09-24

"Convention and Creation", Lecture of Physical Science and Technology College in 2020——Prof. Wang Qing

Prof. Wang Qing was invited by LZU and Physical Science and Technology College to hold an academic report from Tsinghua University.

The speaker: Prof. Wang Qing

Title: Quantum Anomaly of Field Equations

Date: 2020-09-25 ,14:30

Location: Room 1001 in Gezhi Building

Contact person: Liu Xiang


Traditional anomaly, often referred to as the law of conservation of classic appeared at the quantum level. We found the classical field equations not fit to the quantum level, either. Now all the known abnormal, such as abnormal chirality and abnormal trace can be incorporated into the system. Furthermore, we discussed the law of conservation of a non - lateral Ward - abnormal Takahashi identities.


Prof. Wang Qing: department of physics of Peking University bachelor's degree and master's degree; Graduated from theoretical physics department of physics doctorate in 1989 in Tsinghua University and then served as a teacher in the university. He worked as theoretical physics' deputy director, director of the department of physics college, the department secretary of the party committee. The Tsinghua University physics, particle physics, director of the institute of nuclear astrophysics and high-energy physics research center of Tsinghua University, director of the China institute of physics of high energy physics, the Ministry of Education of institutions of advanced education of college's physics course teaching steering committee, director of the committee, the Ministry of Education compulsory education curriculum standard revision of expert group members.

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