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Academic Lecture Series(112)

Author: Time:2021-04-13

At the invitation of School of Physics and Technology and Cuiying Honors College of Lanzhou University, researcher Chen Jiang from Lanzhou Institute of Space Technology Physics came to our college to give a report. Teachers and students are welcome to participate.

Report title: What is an atomic clock

Time: 2021-4-18, 15:00

Location: Room 1226, Science and Technology Building


The report will briefly introduce the development of time measurement from sundial to atomic clock, as well as what is an atomic clock, why it has high precision, etc. In particular, it introduces several atomic clocks developed by the Lanzhou Institute of Space Technology and Physics. It also introduces the future development direction of atomic clocks and some applications of atomic clocks.

Brief introduction of the speaker:

Chen Jiang, PhD in theoretical physics, researcher, has long been engaged in the development of atomic clocks. He has won the first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, the first prize of National Defense Science and Technology Progress Award, the Group Company's Aerospace Contribution Award, and the second prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of China Metrology and Testing Society. He is currently the academic and technical leader of the Fifth Academy of Aerospace Engineering, the deputy director of the Space Quantum Frequency Standard Core Laboratory of the Fifth Academy, and a member of the Time and Frequency Committee of the Chinese Society of Metrology and Testing.

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