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Academic Lecture Series(115)

Author: Time:2021-04-20

At the invitation of Professor Xiong Youcai, School of Life Sciences, Lanzhou University, Director of the Institute of Food Crops, Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and researcher Fan Xingming, a doctoral supervisor, will come to the school for academic exchanges and visits on April 22, 2021. Teachers and students are welcome to participate actively!

Report title: Science and technology innovation and seed industry development

Time: 16:00, April 22, 2021

Report location: Lecture Hall 301, Yifu Biological Building

Brief introduction of the speaker:

Researcher Pan Xingming, Director of the Institute of Food Crops, Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, a doctoral supervisor won the title of "Outstanding Professional and Technical Talent, National Ten Thousand Thousand Talent Project Outstanding Contribution Middle-aged Expert" National Agricultural Scientific Research Outstanding Talent, National Outstanding Scientific and Technological Worker, National Advanced workers, outstanding contributions to national food production, agricultural science and technology personnel and other honorary titles.

Brief introduction of report content:

He has been engaged in the research of maize genetic breeding for a long time, and has made many breakthroughs in tropical and subtropical maize germplasm innovation, maize quality improvement, and breeding of new high-quality special maize varieties, and successfully solved a series of major technical problems facing maize production. He has presided over more than 50 major national and provincial scientific research projects, bred more than 40 national and provincial-level approved varieties, and obtained more than 10 national new plant variety rights; obtained 5 invention patents; presided over the selection and breeding of new maize varieties and promoted a total of 114 100 million mu, with a new output value of more than 10 billion yuan, making important contributions to ensuring food security and promoting the development of animal husbandry.

He won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award as the first completer, an "International Science and Technology Award of the People's Republic of China" as the first completer of the partner, one special prize for scientific and technological progress in Yunnan Province, and six prizes and nine second prizes of provincial and ministerial level, one Xingdian Talent Award, one Science and Technology Innovation Award from the He Liang Heli Foundation, one Material Science and Technology Achievement Award from the Chinese Crop Society; as the first or pass author in PNAS and other domestic More than 80 academic papers published in foreign academic journals led the establishment of a tropical and subtropical corn innovation team with greater domestic and foreign influence, and won the "Excellent Innovation Team Award" from the Ministry of Agriculture.

(Translated by He Yipeng, proofread by Bian Yujing and Li Shuowen.)

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