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Prof. Tim Sluckin visits Cuiying Honors College

Author: Time:2018-03-23


Professor Tim Sluckin, a Professor of Applied Mathematical Physics from the University of Southampton, visited Cuiying Honors College from 24th to 28th March, to give some lectures about his research and to consider a longer visit.

Professor Timothy Sluckin, B.A. Ph.D. C.Phys.  F.Inst.P.  F.I.M.A. has taught courses in applied mathematics, physics, chemistry and engineering for over thirty years across the globe. Dr. Sluckin has held the post of Professor of Applied Mathematical Physics, University of Southampton, U.K. since 1995. His current research projects include studies on liquid crystal and complex fluids, liquid crystal devices, and other engineering applications of liquid crystals, theoretical ecology and evolution, and mathematical modelling of the human sciences. Professor Sluckin’s research has been cited over 3000 times and he has published over 150 research papers and reviews. His latest book, Soap, Science and Flat screen TVs: a history of liquid crystals (pdf sample 3.4MB), co-authored with David Dunmar, was published in 2010.

Professor Sluckin gave the following lectures during his week at Cuiying Honors College, Lanzhou University:

1) From Carrots to Flat Screens: liquid crystals from their invention to the present day

2) Game Theory, Evolution and Physical Attraction

3) Mathematics and Medicine: using equations to fight disease

4) Computational Archaeology: using mathematics to investigate prehistory

Professor Sluckin received a warm welcome to return to teach for a longer period if his circumstances permit.




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