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Overview of the Long March Road, inheriting the revolutionary spirit

Author: Time:2018-07-13

In order to implement the spirit of the Nineteenth Congress, guided by the socialist ideology of Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping, Cui Ying College organized all grade 2016 students and faculty members to attend the Ninghong Education Base on April 22 to carry out “tradition and heritage”. As the theme of the teaching practice, we would further strengthen the teaching practice and patriotism education, and inherit the revolutionary spirit.

In the morning, all the teachers and students learned at the Memorial Hall of the Victory in the Yongning Red Army's Long March how the Red Army, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, crossed the Chishui River for four times, seized the Luding bridge, and overpassed the Jinshan Mountainand so on. In the end, after going through all the hardships and obstacles, Chinese Workers and Peasants Red Army Second and Fourth Aspects successfully met each other in Huining.

After taking a group photo before the meeting room, the college organized all party members to revisit the party oath before the meeting. The enthusiasm of the party’s activists and development targets watched the swearing-in process as an incentive for them to strictly require themselves with the standards of party members, always keeping in mind the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, bringing themselves closer to the party organization, proving themselves with practical actions, and striving to join the party as soon as possible.

In the afternoon, the teachers and students visited the Huining Education Exhibition Hall and reviewed the hardships and achievements of Ning Education since the Ming Dynasty. In the long-term education and development practice, it would form the “three bitter and two happy” educational spirit of “hard-working leaders, social hardship, hardships for parents, teachers’ education, and students’ willingness to learn”. A page of dust-laden old paper, the same kind of rusty old objects, and a statue representing the friendship between teachers and studentswerethe epitome of the development of Huining. Poor soil has given birth to the spirit of hard work of people in Huining. Our students have used their hands to open up a path of dreams laid by education. This is the spirit of the“Long March Spirit” in the new era. It is also worth the teachers and students’ understanding the spiritual power.

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