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Cuiying College Holds 2018 Student Graduation Ceremony

Author: Time:2018-07-13

On the morning of June 9th, the 2018 graduation ceremony of Cuiying Honors College was held at Guanyun building. Party Secretary of Lanzhou University Yuan Zhanting, President, Academician Yan Chunhua, Vice President、Dean of Cuiying Honors College Pan Baotian,  Assistant Dean He Deyan, Outstanding alumnus, Academician leaders of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, history and other related colleges, class teachers, academic tutors, scientific research instructors, all graduates and some parents, students of high school students, students of secondary school students at Zhongshan Universityparticipated in the graduation ceremony. The ceremony was chaired by Ding Ning, a student of the 2014 Class of Humanities.

Yuan Zhanting expressed his congratulations on the successful completion of schooling for the 85 students in the 2018 Class. He wrote to his classmates to be a good-looking person with good spirits. He should be ideological, good at learning, think independently, and be determined; he must be full of positive energy, give people roses, and leave hands to leave fragrance; be a normal person, think normally, and deal with people normally. All of us should have courage to face problems and be good at solving problems; to be good at sports, to cultivate a sports hobby that is beneficial to one's own body and mind and body; to be grateful to the era, grateful to the country, parents, teachers, and everyone encountered in learning and living. Everyone has to have a pattern, receiving grievances, overcoming difficulties, exercising minds, and cultivating patterns; they must have family and national feelings and dreams. He pointed out that an era has the theme of an era. A generation has the mission of a generation. He hopes that the students will integrate their dreams and dreams of the country into the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and realize their own life in the great journey of realizing the Chinese dream’s value.

Yan Chunhua congratulated all the 2018 students who graduated from the English class for their graduation. He hopes that all graduates will study more, and that reading is the noblest act with the lowest threshold. Maintaining kindness and kindness are the most attractive qualities of personality. After leaving the alma mater campus, we should never forget his dreams, and should move forward, maintain his curiosity and practice the spirit of clenching the "curious" baton, taking risks, following passion, developing thinking, and keeping open. He said that students must conscientiously practice the general secretary Xi Jinping’s “Brilliant youth rejuvenate and upgrade to a new level” and inherit the feelings of the family and nationalities of the people of Lanzhou University who “have a glimpse of the world and think of the world, and are in a state of remoteness”. It is a great era that gives responsibility and responsibility to the students and their historical mission. It is also the spirit and culture inherited by his alma mater.

Academician Yue Jianmin shared a bit of learning at Lanzhou University, inspiring students to set ambitious goals and realize their dreams in life. He also asked the students to study hard and to do their jobs. We must promote the spirit of the people of Lanzhou University in the path of scientific research. Excellent wind and waves, bravely forward.

To encourage and attract more high-level teachers to invest in top-notch personnel training, I would like to thank the teachers for their hard work. Cui Ying College selected the “Special Contribution Teacher Award” and “Excellent Teacher Award”. Pan Baotian read out the commendation decision. Yuan Zhanting presented the prize to the winners. Prof. Xu Pengfei and Professor Tan Lei, the award-winning teacher representatives, fully affirmed the achievements of the students in the English class, and also encouraged the students to strive for progress and move toward a broader stage. Afterwards, the graduates offered flowers to all teachers, expressing their thanks and blessings.

At the ceremony, Mr. Liu Zengru, the father of  Liu Yubo of 2014 Mathematical  Class, shared the details of Liu Yubo’s life as a parent and thanked Lanzhou University and Cuiying Honors College for their training. Lin Jingrong, who is about to go to Stanford University to continue her advanced studies in physical education class, speaks as a representative of graduates. She said that Lanzhou University has provided a platform for all-round development. Lanzhou University’s teachers have led everyone to explore the unknown in the academic world.

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