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Cui Ying College summer pre-training meeting

Author: Time:2018-07-13

On June 20th,2018, Cuiying Honors College held a pre-examination training session for students at room 813 of Guanyun Building. Ms. Yang Yi from the International Department, Robert, an expatriate teacher from the Cuiying Honors College, and Mr. Gui Shanquan, a student from the Physics Class of 2016, shared their safety education, cultural exchanges, and learning experiences.

Through training, the students fully understood the country's overseas study policies and service system, the regulations for overseas students' management, procedures for handling procedures for leaving the country, and precautions, psychological adjustment in studying and living abroad, and general knowledge of studying abroad. Huang Haifeng, Party branch secretary of Cuiying Honors College, encouraged students to cherish opportunities for study and exchange at elite overseas schools. Through the earnest study, one is sure to enrich professional knowledge, broaden the horizons of the discipline, and establish contact with mentors to prepare for further study. Du Yanxia, the teacher in charge of international exchanges at the college, presided over the training.

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