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The Trip for Students to Linxia to Carry out the "National and Folk Custom" Culture Teaching Practice Activities

Author: Time:2018-09-09

On August 11, 2018, Cuiying Honors College organized all 2017 students to go to the Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture of Gansu Province to carry out the “National and Folk Customs” culture teaching practice activities. Ma Shuchao, deputy secretary of the Party branch of the college, and counselor Li Zhaojun and other teachers attended the event. In order to carry out the practical activities better, the college invited Professor Wang Xilong to introduce the national culture and regional customs of Linxia before the trip. The trip aims to investigate the local folk culture and understand the local customs of Linxia.

The team set off on time at 7:00 in the morning and took the school bus to the Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture to carry out related activities. At 10 o'clock, the team first went to the Olympic Sports Center and the Grand Theatre for study and study. Later, the team went to the Majiayao painted pottery hall, and the students were attracted by the exquisite Majiayao pottery and were impressed by the Gansu pottery culture. Later, the team went to the East Mansion, visited the sculpture art and folk culture exhibition hall in the pavilion, visited “Multiple Squares and Lanes”, and experienced the living in the northwest.

After a short break, the team started the afternoon activities. At about 14 o'clock, the team visited the Hezheng County Paleontology Fossil Museum to learn more about the large number of precious fossils that were unearthed in the past half century. The students were amazed at the unique and political sheep, the huge shovel, and the strange three-toed horse. Afterwards, the team went to the center of the third hall of Hezheng County to learn about the local folk culture. Finally, the students went deep into the farmer's home to investigate and visit, ending the day's itinerary.

Through this summer practice, the students have a deep understanding of the customs and folk culture of Linxia, and cultural self-awareness and cultural self-confidence have been enhanced.



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