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The recruitment of Youth League Committee and Student Union, CHC

Author: Time:2018-09-10

The Youth League Committee and Student Union of Cuiying Honors College is an organization, which is guided by faculty’s CCYL committee, aiming to implement self-education, self-administration and self-service, representing and vindicating the fundamental interests of students. To reinforce the contingent construction of students cadres and to provide a platform for fellows’ presentation, The Youth League Committee and Student Union is recruiting freshmen now. The intact posting is listed as follows.

1. Scope of recruitment

Whole schoolfellow of 2017 Class of Cuiying Honors College.

2. Brief introduction of each department

Department of entertainment and sports to organize activities like mountaineering competition, mid-autumn evening party and athletic month and arrange collegemates to attending school sport events.

Secretariat to harmonize all departments , administrate the fiscal expenditure of Student Union, systemize the schedule of Student Union, and examine the league membership.

News Center in charge of regular communication, operation of WeChat and Microblog official account, manufacture of posters and advertise of mega-event.

Department of academic communication to organize Going abroad experience exchangement, academic lectures, application of competition.

Department of volunteering offering chances of volunteering, organizing volunteering activities, recording the credits of voluntary service.

Equity Service Center provide service of equities; collect opinions and advice of daily life improvement and report to college.

3. Criteria

1. Higher ideological and political awareness and good moral quality

2. Abide by the law, good performance, a strong sense of organizational discipline

3. Keen on Student Union’s work, hard-working, have certain working ability and social activity ability.

4. Have a strong sense of responsibility, service awareness and teamwork spirit.

4. Flow Path

Accomplish your application form →academy's permission and recommendation→ interview→ probation period → hired

Dear fellows, The Youth League Committee and Student Union of Cuiying Honors College will offer you another field to show yourself and help others rather than the academy area.

We are looking forward your participation.

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