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Communication meeting in UCB

Author:Miao Wang Time:2016-07-18

Up to now, Summer session team of Cuiying Honors College of Lanzhou university has spent more than half a month in UCB campus. During this time at Berkeley, all members of the team have gained a lot of happiness in their study and life.

The good news is that UCB campus also has students from Lanzhou University. In order to help students who are from Lanzhou University study better abroad, Zemin Zhang senior spent a wonderful afternoon with 30 students and one teacher in the Berkeley campus.

Also, there are some useful information from the senior.

1.How did you apply for a quota for international students at the graduate level?

First of all, students should determine the school you want to apply for.

Secondly, the students need to get in touch with the teachers of the target colleges by the email.

Thirdly, after obtaining the teacher's permission, the application for the aimed institution will be officially started.

Fourthly, students can apply to the CSC committee for a publicly-study program.

2. Regarding how to adapt to the learning life in the aimed university after the application is successful, do you have any good suggestion for the students?

Firstly, after going abroad, it is best for students to pay attention to each project in the institution, seize the opportunity, and complete at least one project during the exchanged period.

Secondly, it is proposed for students who studied science. Some labs in the campus are forbidden to enter and exit at random. It is necessary to contact the staff in the laboratory in advance and get permission before entering. If you break into it, you may be in trouble.

Learning abroad, you also need to adapt to foreign culture. It is best for students to keep a certain distance from some radical associations. In order to protect personal safety, Students had better not participate in demonstrations and other activities held by radical teams.


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