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Youth, Creative, Endeavour--- the Second Undergraduates’ Academic Forum of Cuiying Honors college

Author: Time:2018-12-14

On December 12th, the second undergraduates’ academic forum ofCuiyingHonors college---"Youth,Innovation andEndeavor" ended in a satisfactory way.

Executive dean of Cuiying Honors CollegeHeDeYan,PartySecretaryHuangHaifeng, Prof. LinGuo; Prof. Pu Qiaosheng,Vice Prof. HanWeihua, Vice Prof. CongPeihao and Vice Prof. WuJiongjiong presented the opening ceremony, together with all 2017 students. The ceremony was hosted byVice PartySecretary ShangSheng.

Executive Dean He looked back on the process of the establishment of CHC. He suggested that CHC would stick to the cultivating model which focuses on training the students’ ability of science research and the conscious of critical thinking.In seminars of each subject, students had deep communication with each other. Upperclassman showed how they applied for the fund and how they manage their subjects. What’s more, they also offered a large quantity of advice that helps have a deep view in doing research. Professors in each area attended in different seminar respectively and provide useful suggestions.

“Cuiying Innovation Fund” is a platform using funds programs in chargeof by student to encourage students to start the process of scientific research in advance, enhance the ability to be creative, practicable, and obtain the ability of self study. There are 88 newly approved programs and 56 closed programs, and this year there are 9 SCI papers published using this platform.

Before the seminar, to broaden students horizons, have a better understanding of the cutting-edge science research, the college invited vice professor Xu Can from College of Physics Science and Technology, professor Fang Jianguo from College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, professor Miao Ruidong from College of Biology and Life Science to address several lectures. Through these discussions, students have a better thought of scientific spirits and a better feeling of their own subjects. To explore the universe, one has to work hard with dedication.

Youth is the future of our country, the hope of our nation, and the future of innovation. Science and innovation will have a better hope as long as youth have ideals, power and responsibility. The second Science Seminar is the summary of science education as well as an opening of the scientific research.

(Translated by Yang GuoKun,Wu NingRan)

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