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Lanzhou University Organized 2019’s "Gansu High School talent program meeting"

Author: Time:2019-03-04

On the morning of March 3rd, "Gansu High School talent program meeting" was held in Yifu Building, Lanzhou University. Zhang ping, vice President of science and technology association of Gansu Province, Pan Baotian, vice President of Lanzhou University and executive vice President of Cuiying Honors College, Zhang Xiaochun, curator of Gansu science and technology museum, Jia Jinyuan, President of high school affiliated to Northwest Normal University, Huang Haifeng, secretary of the general party branch of Cuiying Honors College attended the meeting which was hosted by He Deyan, exclusive Dean of Cuiying Honors College.

Zhang Ping thanked the achievements that Lanzhou University conducted in supporting the "High school talent plan" and thanked Lanzhou University for providing all-round source for the conducting of the "High school talent plan".

Zhang Xiaochun announced the name list of students who has been accepted in the "high school talent plan" of gansu province in 2019.

On the meeting, a teacher worship ceremony was held for selected students. Teachers’ and students’ representative delivered a speech on the meeting. After the ceremony, students visited the Electron Microscope Center of Lanzhou University.

(Translator:Yang Guokun;edited by Du Yanxia)

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