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Lanzhou University Inspected the Work of Teaching for Spring Semester

Author: Time:2019-02-26

On the morning of February 25, Secretary of LZU CPC Committee Yuan Zhanting and President Yan Chunhua led the teams to Chengguan campus and Yuzhong campus respectively. They inspected the situation of students’ returning to school, teachers’ normal working, the preserve and update of classroom facilities and equipment, experimental teaching preparation, and students' attendance in class, participation in make-up examinations and delayed examinations. Permanent Vice Chairperson of University Council Wu Guosheng, vice president Pan Baotian, Wang Rui participated in the inspection as well.

Yuan and his party investigated Xinglin building, medical experimental building, Guanyun building and Feiyun building in Chengguan campus, examined the teaching operation of each college in the new semester carefully. In the medical teaching and experimental class, Yuan had a detailed understanding of the students’ registration rate, class attendance rate, class capacity and other information. Participated in students’ experiments, read students' professional books and experimental reports, and communicated and interacted with students.

Yuan carefully inspected the infrastructure and health conditions both inside and outside the building, and required relevant department to control the price of self-service machines strictly, and optimize the application standards of self-service machines. Checked the security of infrastructure and potential safety hazards, asked to ensure the cleanliness of buildings, and create a good working and learning environment for teachers and students.

In the Chengguan campus, Yuan inspected the study space of Cuiying Honors College, audited part of the course, and learned about the employment situation of students in the College in 2018. He asked the colleges to make full use of the space on each floor to expand the study area. As for foreign teachers' teaching, Yuan required relevant colleges to listen to students' needs and feedback timely, adjust the teaching pace and ensure students' learning.

Yan and his party came to Tianshan buliding, Helan Building, Zhilan Building and office building of Yuzhong campus. In the video monitoring room of the teaching building, Yan checked the teachers' attendance and teaching order in each floor in detail. In the microelectronics laboratory of the College of Physics, Yan proposed to strengthen the construction of laboratory infrastructure to build a laboratory for science, engineering and agriculture, so that students of all disciplines can master relevant knowledge.

As for the infrastructure problems in some teaching areas and experimental buildings, Yan said that every leader should reverse the inherent concept, find potential problems and dangers actively. At the same time, teachers, students and staff should participate in the campus supervision work actively to improve the teachers, students and staff to love school as home.


It is reported that the enrollment rate of undergraduate students in the spring semester of 2019 is 93.17%, the main reason fornot registering was that some colleges arranged students to have internships. On the first day of school, students showed good attendance, among which the public course attendance rate was 95.86%, and no teacher was late. The enrollment rate of postgraduates was 96.47%. The main reason for not registering was that postgraduates practiced or trained for work, or prepared for the examination of doctoral examination. The teaching of the new term was normal.

School office, general office of Yuzhong campus, office of academic affairs, graduate school, medical education and teaching department, network security and information office, student office, infrastructure office, logistics department and other unit heads attended the inspection.

(Translated by Yang Guokun;edited by Du Yanxia)

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