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Lanzhou University Held the Talent Program Physics Potential Evaluation Question Bank Seminar

Author: Time:2019-02-25

On February 22th-24th, Lanzhou University held the Talenti Program Physics Potential Evaluation Question Bank Seminar. Committee member and physics working associate director, academician Wu Xiangping, China Association for Science and Technology Project director Wang Wei came to the seminar. Lanzhou University Principal's assistant and executivepresidentHe Deyan, project manager, president of School of Physics and Technology Luo Zhigang, secretary of the party committee Huang Haifeng, Qinghua University Thousand Talent Program for Foreign Experts Li Wei, as well as many teachers attended the seminar. Luo Honggang hosted.

This seminar is supported by China Association for Science and Technology Project, School of Physics and Technology and Cuiying Honors College cooperated. This seminar concluded the experiences according to the coverage and difficulties of the question bank.

Wu Xiangping congratulated learner Ba Xinyi for being awarded “2018 Distinguished Learner of Talent Program ”. He pointed out that it is of great significance to implement this program, for over the five years we have educated a large number of middle school students who have the potential in physics. He encouraged fellows to work harder on the exploration of educating new students. Additionally, he and Wang Wei looked up upon and cared greatly about the development of the western area, and hoped more investment being sent to this area. Nowadays, the Ministry of Education has included “Talent Program” as one of the programs in “Top-notch 2.0” and will work hand in hand with China Association for Science and Technology.

He Deyan and Luo Honggang thanked all the contribution delivered to this program and hoped people work together for further work. Cooperating with fellows, they promise to select and educate more outstanding students.

During the seminar, they discussed the collected questions and specified further work. Also, they visited the laboratory as well as electron microscope center. President Yan Chunhua, vice president Pan Baotian greeted the scholars.

(Translatedby Wu Ningran;edited by Du Yanxia)

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