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Academician Shi Yigong’s visit in Lanzhou University

Author: Time:2019-04-29

On April 27, academician Shi Yigong visited Lanzhou University together with Biology Committee of Talent Program. The meeting was held in Yifu Biology Building.

Shi Yigong,the President of the West Lake University andacademician of CAS;Yan Chunhua, President of Lanzhou University; Liu Huiqiang, Deputy Director of the Youth Science and Technology Center of China Association of Science and Technology; Zhang Xiaochun, Director of Gansu Provincial Youth Science and Technology Activity Center; He Deyan, Lanzhou University Assistant Principal, Executive Dean of Cuiying College; Li Jia, Dean of College of Life Science; Huang Haifeng, Secretary of the Party Branch of Cuiying College; 45 representatives of National Management Office of the Talents Program, Gansu Provincial Management Office, Cuiying College, Life Science College, High School affiliated Northwest Normal University, the High School affiliated Lanzhou University, and the Lanzhou No. 1 Middle School attended the meeting.

Yan Chunhua showed great appreciation to all attending members firstly. He also expressed that the Talent Program is a significant part of Chinese Modern Education system. Lanzhou University attached importance to this program and would stick to student accepting anf training.

Shi Yigong thanked Lanzhou University for great contribution they had done in Talent Program. He highlighted that this program is an innovative attempt and we shall carry it on.

On this meeting, professors exchanged their opinions deeply, together with students.

(Translated by:Ynag Guokun;edited by Du Yanxia)

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