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Welcome ceremony of Cuiying Honors College in 2019

Author: Time:2019-07-07

On the Morning of July 7th, the Welcome ceremony of summer semester in 2019 of Cuiying Honors College (CHC) was held in the second chemical building lecture hall in Chengguan Campus, Districted by Vice President Wang Yongren. Executive Dean He Deyan, Party Secretary Huang Haifeng, Vice Minister of Propaganda Department Zhao Wenrui, 2018 academic tutors, College faculty and staff and 2018 pre-admitted students attended the meeting.

Professor He gived a speech on behalf of the college and introduced the basic situation, education concept and effectiveness of Cuiying Honors College.

The summer session organized by Cui Ying Honors College includes four courses: professional courses, academic lectures, practical activities and international exchanges. There are 12 professional courses, including 5 English courses and 17 academic lectures. The practice activities include quality development, social practice and field internship.

(Tanslated by Hao Lingxiao;edited by Du Yanxia)

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