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The publication of Journey to the West, LZU Youth Edition

Author: Time:2019-07-11

In July this year,Journey to the West, LZU Youth Editionhas been published by Lanzhou University Press, which was adapted by students from College of Literature and Cuiying Honors College.

Our fellows, Chen Xueyang, Wang Wei, Liu Ruiyang, Sun Yue, Zhang Dan, Zhang Yizhen, Jin Wenqi, Zhao Yanan, Shi Zhan, Xi Mingzhen, Liang Wei and Zhong Jianqiao, managed to complete reading on each edition of Chinese traditional artsJourney to the West.These works were under the guidance of Wei Hongyuan, Associate Professor of College of Literature.

This edition ofJourney to the Westremoves some parts of violence and pornography from the original edition, making it more easy and healthy for youngers to read. Meanwhile, it still keeps the core idea of the author.

This work is the follow-up of the adaption of A Dream of Red Mansions, which makes our fellows dive into traditional arts and literature.

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