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The teachers of Cuiying Honors College visited and comforted the graduates

Author: Time:2019-05-29

On the occasion of the 2019 graduates of Cuiying Honors College who are about to leave school, in order to promote the relationships between teachers and students and better serve graduates, on the afternoon of May 28th, Assistant President, Executive Dean of Cuiying Honors College, He Deyan, Party Branch Secretary Huang Haifeng, deputy secretary of the Party branch, Shang Sheng, and counselor Li Zhaojun visited and comforted the graduates at theirdormitories.

The Dragon Boat Festivalis coming, the teachers bought Zongzi for the students who are about to graduate.Theyvisited the student residences on the 5th and 2nd floors of Chengguan Campus and had in-depth communicationswith the students. He Deyan learned in detail about the graduation destinations and recent situation of the students, and urged the students to cherish their time with their own study experience. They must not relax before starting a new stage of study. They must continue to race against time and strive to achieve gratifying results on the scientific research road. Zhang Youchang, who is about to continue his studies at theColumbia University, said, "I will rememberteachers’suggestionsand not relax on the road of scientific research." Huang Haifeng hopedthat students who willstudy in China or abroad must have a feeling of home. When they are studying abroad, they can often go back toouruniversity. The Cuiying Honors College of Lanzhou University is always the home of classmates.

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