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Cultivation while Classification, Teaching in Accordance with their Aptitude, Exploring New College System——2019 Summer School of Cuiying Honors College

Author: Time:2019-10-11


On July 7th, Cuiying Honors College held the 2019 summer school opening ceremony, officially opening this summer 6-week summer school. This summer school has a variety of forms and rich content. It is an opportunity to seek new knowledge, as well as a platform for growing insights and meeting new friends, so that students can feel a profound ideological experience and academic approach. The summer school is open to the whole school. In addition to the students of Cuiying Honors College, nearly 600 teachers and students have come to Cuiying Honors College, and together with students in Cuiying Honors College, they have spent an unforgettable summer school.


Cuiying Honors College's summer school is focused on improving the quality of top-notch talents. It explores a new era of new college system and promotes independent learning and personality development. It mainly includes courses, lectures, quality development of 2018 pre-admitted students of Cuiying Honors College, 2016, 2017 students` going abroad (land) exchanges, team social practice, research training.

With the support of the relevant colleges, the College has invited 9 foreign experts of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Humanities from 9 universities in 4 countries including from the University of Chicago, UC Davis, Purdue University, Rutgers University, University of Texas, Oregon State University, the University of Cambridge, the University of Switzerland,  the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, etc. Robert, a foreign teacher from Cuiying Honors College, and 28 experts and scholars from well-known universities and research institutes such as Fudan University, Nanjing University, Shanxi Normal University, China University of Petroleum (East China), Jinan University, and Chinese Academy of Sciences. A total of 14 courses and 19 lectures were offered.


Overall, this summer school has achieved great success. In the curriculum arrangement, more attention is paid to students' independent learning, peer-to-peer mutual assistance, integration of arts and sciences, and more emphasis is on promoting the construction of interdisciplinary, professional integration, learning and mutual learning, and teaching and learning. Through the summer semester, students are encouraged to carry out diversified exchanges and expand academic horizons to enhance the scientific research ability and comprehensive quality, and then explore the construction of a new type of college system.

(Translated by Tang Yao, edited by Du Yanxia)

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