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The successful hold of the mountaineering competition and fun sports competition

Author: Time:2019-11-11

In order to further improve the physical fitness of students, establish the concept of “health first” and enhance the teamwork ability of students. On November 10th, the general party branch of CuiyingHonorsCollege held a “Going to the Foreground and Recalling the Great Love” in WuquanMountain–"Sunshine Sports Month” Mountaineering Competition, Fun Sports competition series activities. More than 100 teachers and students participated in the event.

A total of 12 teams (6 in each team) participated in the mountaineering competition. The students helped each other and completed the mountaineering activities. Finally, the teachers awarded the award certificate to the team that won the top six in this mountaineering competition.

Subsequently, in the Santai Pavilion Square, a fun sports competition for teachers and students was held, and more than 100 teachers and students enthusiastically signed up for the event. The sports meeting includes a lot of interesting items such as skipping rope, turning back, sandbag throwing. Combining the fun and the competitive nature, the fun sports competition perfectly explains the sports spirit of the "happy movement".

Through this activity, the teachers and students exercised their bodies, tempered their will, and enhanced the spirit of teamwork. Teachers and students help each other in the process of climbing, and compete equally in the fun games, which brings the distance closer and enhances the feelings. Through the activity, teachers truly enters the life of the students and enters the hearts of the students.

(Translated by Tang Yao;edited by Du Yanxia)

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