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The successful hold of the top students` cultivation in liberal arts symposium

Author: Time:2019-11-09

In order to further promote the implementation of the top-notch plan 2.0, promote the reform of curriculum teaching and cultivate top-notch students with profound humanistic heritage, combining the educational activities of “not forgetting the original heart and remembering the mission”, focusing on educating talented students for our party and nation, a special symposium on the cultivation of top students in the areas of liberal arts was organized on  the afternoon of November 8th,in Room 806, Guanyun Building .

The relevant leaders and teachers of Cuiying Honors College participated in the meeting.

The teachers provided their own opinions and suggestions on the curriculum and content,and relevant leaders exchanged their opinions and feedback from the students and with the teachers.

It is hoped that in the follow-up teaching work, the teachers and the college will jointly promote the implementation of the “Top Project” 2.0 and promote the quality of the undergraduate education throughout the school.

 (Translated by Tang Yao; proofread by Du Yanxia)

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