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Qilu School of Shandong Agricultural University visited Cuiying Honors College.

Author: Time:2020-11-08

On the morning of Nov 6, Professor Liu Huixiang, vice president of Shandong Agricultural College and Wang Shuai Shui ,Secretary of the Youth League Committee from Qilu School of Shandong Agricultural University visited Cuiying Honors College. CPC General Secretary MS. Huang Haifeng, Vice Secretary Shang Sheng,Vice Dean Wang Yongren, and Fang Yan, Director of the College, attended the forum.

On behalf of the college,MS. Huang Haifeng extended a warm welcome to Liu Huixiang and her party for their visit to the college, and briefly introduced the basic structure and ten-year running situation of Cuiying Honors College. She hoped that both sides would strengthen exchanges, share good experiences and good practices, and jointly promote the construction of academy system in the new era.


Liu Huixiang introduced the relevant situation of Qilu School of Shandong Agricultural University;  Wang Yongren introduced the training situation of top-notch students from the implementation background of the top-notch plan, the training concept of "three systems and three modernizations", the training mode, student selection and management.

During the discussion, the two sides discussed the training mode of top-notch talents, tutorial system, student selection, international exchange, daily management of students and other related issues.


After the meeting, the visiting guests visited the students'learning places, students'files, etc.

(Translated by Fu Yin, proofread by Yang Jieyin.)

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