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Cuiying Honors College holds fire safety knowledge lecture

Author: Time:2020-11-02

In order to enhance the students' fire safety consciousness and popularize the fire safety knowledge, on October 29th, Cuiying Honors College invited the first-class instructor Zhong Yidan from Gansu Wujin Fire Prevention Knowledge Dissemination Center to carry out a fire safety knowledge lecture for Cuiying Honors College students.

Instructor Zhong Yidan talked in depth about the importance of fire safety by introducing real cases, focusing on four aspects:fire prevention, fire extinguishing, escape and self-rescue. He explained in detail the process of fire formation, fire prevention and extinguishing, the types and function of firefighting equipment and the use of common fire extinguishers and other fire safety knowledge. He also showed how to use multi-functional flashlights and other fire survival equipment. He reminded the students to effectively apply these safety knowledge and skills to their real life to build a strong safety defense for their lives.

Safety is more important than anything, and the understanding of fire knowledge and fire escape techniques can provide security for our lives. This lecture made everyone realize the importance of fire prevention, and also deepened the students' understanding of fire safety knowledge and improved their ability to ensure life safety.

(Translated by Li Zeyang, proofread by ShuRongyu)

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