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Wang Yue, chief editor of Gansu channel of IFENG.COM, gave a lecture to the students of Cuiying Honors College

Author: Time:2020-12-07

On the afternoon of December 3, Wang Yue, editor in chief of Gansu channel of IFENG.COM and part-time professor of School of Philosophy and Social Sciences, gave a lecture on the theme of “How to achieve the final success in the workplace” to the students of Cuiying Honors College in room 813, Guanyun building.

In the beginning of lecture, Wang Yue shared several pivotal points in his past professional career, and told students how to conduct ourselves in the workplace with vivid examples. In the lecture, Wang Yue stressed the importance of improving the professional level and ability. At the same time, he focused on the team spirit, dedication, and perseverance in life. During the interactive session, Wang Yue answered students’ questions about work attitude and methods.

(Translated by Lai Baojun; Proofread by Jia Shengyi.)

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