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Cuiying Honors College Held Class 2020 Academic Tutor Symposium

Author: Time:2021-07-07

On the morning of July 6, Cuiying Honors College held academic tutor Symposium in Conference Room 806 of Guanyun building. At the same time, the appointment ceremony of academic tutors was held. Professor He Deyan, assistant to the president and executive dean of Cuiying Honors college, Huang Haifeng, Secretary of the general Party branch of Cuiying Honors college, Shang Sheng, deputy secretary of the general Party branch, Sun Jianwen, associate professor of the school of mathematics and statistics, Chai Guozhi, Professor of the school of physical science and technology, Ding Sanyuan, Professor of the school of chemistry and chemical engineering, Chen Yuhui, associate professor of the school of life sciences, and Wang Hanqing, associate professor of the school of philosophy and society attended the symposium. The symposium was chaired by Wang Yongren, vice president of Cuiying Honors college.

At the symposium, Mr.He,on behalf of Cuiying Honors College, presented letters of appointment to academic mentors. Mr.Wang introduced the basic situation of the college. Mr.Shang introduced the work of academic tutors. The five teachers talked about their understanding of the cultivation of top-notch students and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions on the cultivation of top-notch students.

(Translated by Li Shuowen, proofread by He Yipeng and Bian Yujing)

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