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The students of Cuiying Honors College went to Xinglong Mount to carry out quality development activities

Author: Time:2021-07-13

In order to further enhance the students' sense of cooperation and teamwork, and to cultivate the group centripetal force and cohesion of the new students, on July 11, Cuiying Honors College organized a quality development training for the new students of the Class of 2020 at Xinglong Mount, and all the faculty and staff of the College participated in this activity together.

The quality development training consists of four parts: team building, high altitude competition, trust back fall, and graduation wall. During the event, all the freshmen actively completed various tasks and broke through a difficult barrier with efficient coordination and communication, fully demonstrating the excellent cooperation ability and sense of the big picture of the students of Cuiying. In the last expansion project, in the face of sudden bad weather, the Class of 2020 students were not afraid of hardships, and successfully completed the "graduation wall" training in the rain with perseverance, full communication and cooperation, and again and again struggling and shouting, the students showed with practical action the hard-working, courageous, and peak climbing spirit of Cuiying people. The students showed their hard-working, courageous and enterprising spirit with their practical actions, which also brought this activity to a successful conclusion.


Students drawing team flags


Student Team Presentation


Students workingtogether to climb over the graduation wall


(Translated by Li Zeyang; Proofread by Shu Rongyu)

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