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Cloudless mirror Kyushu, the most reunion night is the Mid-Autumn Festival - Cuiying Honors College's 2017 Mid-Autumn Festival party record

Author: Time:2018-07-13

On October 8th, Cuiying College opened its mid-autumn and welcome party in 2017 with a laughter. In the center of the eight-story lobby of Guanyun Building, two white lanterns form a stage that glowed under changing colorful lights and waited for the students to perform wonderfully. In the coffee shop, guessing riddles was happening at the same time. The lanterns of different shapes are successively named.

The opening song and dance was a "confessional balloon" brought by the 2016 class biology class. Students of the 2016 Chemistry class had even got four exciting programs to show their style. There were guitar and instrumental ensemble and song and dance. Among them, the unique dance style in the Song and Dance Youth Handbook would bring the atmosphere to a climax. The classmates in the physics class also showed a wonderful voice. The play "Because of Love" combined the song and piano to give the audience an audio-visual feast. The poetry reading of “Classics of the Spring River” and the song “Longing for Hope” by the 2016 class of humanity classes brought a happy ending to the party.

The evening party used the form of “WeChat on the wall” to realize the real-time interaction of the audience. The party interspersed interesting games between shows: Guess the name of the song, step on the balloons, draw your guess and fly orders, and draw. The game was rich in prizes, and many students returned home. Xu Pengfei, the dean, came to host the lucky draw and gave greetings. In the festival of flying flowers, the four groups competed against each other and the atmosphere was lively, reflecting the students' profound literary heritage.

After the evening party, several students were interviewed and talked about their feelings and suggestions. Wang students think: “The party is very good, especially the game will bring the atmosphere of the audience. Especially the students in our chemistry class, I am proud of them. “Zhang told reporters in an interview: “I enjoyed the Mid-Autumn Festival this year very much.”

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