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volunteering like Lei Feng

Author: Time:2018-07-13

The Lanzhou Urban Planning Museum is one of the bases for long-term volunteering activities developed by the Cuiying Honors College. This service activity is in accordance with Relying on the Original Volunteer Service Base, Carrying Out Volunteer Service Activities, and Promoting Projects and Bases for Volunteer Service. The construction of the project and the formation of a long-term sustainable operation model for voluntary services that integrates projects, teams, mechanisms, and positions will require the development of activities.

Zhang Wenqiang, He Suchen and other students of Cuiying Honors College participated in the voluntary lectures at the Lanzhou City Planning Museum at 10:30 on March 19. Under the leadership of the stadium staff, these students gave an explanation for more than one hour in the Lanzhou Historical and Cultural District and the city's General Plane Sharon laser model area. After the event, Zhang Wenqiang said in his own words: “The service of smiling, telling the story of Lanzhou, and promoting the positive energy of Jincheng” is our service tenet. This voluntary service activity not only let our volunteers understand that Jinzhou Lanzhou runs through ancient and modern times. Cultural changes, and through us, will pass this Lanzhou people's honest passion to tourists who come to visit and let them experience the historical and cultural charm of Jincheng Lanzhou.”

On March 19th, more than twenty students from the Cuiying Honors College took a city planning hall as a starting point and carried out a two-hour sweeping activity along the Yellow River. The original intention of this activity was to use the sweeping action of the Yellow River to do a little to improve the environment. Second, to promote the sense of ownership of the university students in the new era and let the students feel the natural environment in the process of cleaning. The status quo provides suggestions for solving environmental pollution problems. Among them, some students pointed out that there should be more trash cans on the sidewalk along the Yellow River to reduce the uncivilized behavior of littering and littering, and to prevent garbage from entering the Yellow River and polluting the water quality. At the same time, the students also called on the Lanzhou citizens to start from the “I” and start from small things, establish a sense of responsibility for environmental protection, and build a new green civilization.

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