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Interesting sports meeting of CuiYing Honors College

Author: Time:2018-07-13

on October 14th, the 2017 autumn fun games in the stadium of Lanzhou University was held at 9 Am. At the games, there were Liu Tongchang, Secretary of the Party committee of Lanzhou University, Professor Xu Shoujun, the2015 class mathematics teacher, and all the teachers and students of CuiYing college. The sports meetingwasdivided into four projects, such asskippingbig rope, tug of war, relay and tearing brandin the back. The students and teacherswereactively involved, enjoying the fun of sports in the fierce competition and team cooperation.

First of all, the team skipping competitionwascomposed of teams of teachers and studentsfromdifferent majors. With the swinging of the rope skipping, the players skipped, joyfully jumpingsoundedlike a joyful note,writinga happy song on the runway in autumn. In the end, the 2016biologyteam won the first prize.

Next is the tug of war competition, the competition is the overall consideration of the team.Eachmajorconstitutes a team,teachers and students fight side by side. At the beginning of the game, it was biology against mathematics. Both sides began to be close, the others were warmly refueling, all the enthusiasm and strength were ignited at that moment, and finally mathematics won the victory. Next, each team took turns, the physical team, due to the advantages of the physical quality of the players, won the overwhelming victory of the 4 War and won the first prize of the tug of war.

The final competition is tearingthebrand war. As a major competition, it is also natural for students to be enthusiastic.There werethree groups, each groupwas composedof 7 people.Everyoneis cravingforthe final victory. Beside the feeling oftension,there was more happiness. In this cold autumn day, becauseofsports,people warmedup. Also because of unity and harmony of the interpersonal relationship, studentsfeltwarm from the heart. After the tearing up of the brand war, the fun games also ended here.

After the competition, all students who took part in the competition were rewarded accordingly. Finally, everyone took a group photo, leaving behind the most brilliant and most beautiful smile in autumn.

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