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The successful Anti-Campus-Violence Volunteer Campaign

Author: Time:2018-12-19

The successful Anti-Campus-Violence Volunteer Campaign --"Bullying thrown into the dust and blossoming out of the sun"

On the afternoon of November 28, the Anti-Campus-Violence Volunteer Campaign, jointly organized by the Volunteer Service Department of Cuiying Honors College of Lanzhou University and the Volunteer Service Department of Law School, was successfully carried out in the primary school affiliated to Lanzhou University.

This activity is aimed at recruiting volunteers from our department and medical school districts. After selection at different levels, 26 students from different institutes, grades and majors stand out as volunteers in this activity. The theme of the activity is "Bullying thrown into the dust and blossoming out of the sun". Classroom lectures were conducted in 10 classes in the fourth and fifth years.

The volunteers teach and interact in vivid and easy-to-understand PPT and infectious language. The positive response of the students is very surprising. The volunteers' hearts are warmer with their raised hands and sincere answers. Activity organizers preparedcandy and stationery for children as rewards, which also makes the classroom atmosphere more active.

Before leaving, the children gathered for a group photo and the volunteers felt worthwhile with their bright smiling faces. In addition, this activity also learns about the main forms and potential factors of campus violence in primary schools, and gives students correct guidance, so that they can correctly understand and properly handle campus violence, and achieve the ultimate goal of the activity.

Let the flowers of our motherland keep away from violence and always blossom in the sunshine. There is still a long way to go, and we can do a lot more!

(Translated by Libing Wang;Proofread by Shanquan Gui)

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